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Morning Coffee

BON rolls out the official prediction below, seeing a 30-17 win for the Horns. Bruce Feldman (subscription required) sees a wider margin of victory, 45-14. He loves the matchup between Texas' wideouts and Iowa State's vulnerable secondary. Elsewhere, CFN sees a 41-16 route from Texas. Be sure to cast your own vote for whether Texas covers in the poll on the right column of the main page.

The Statesman chronicles the inspiring story of Texas Left Tackle Tony Hills. Pretty much a miracle that he can even play football.

54b and PHF get into some interesting scheduling chatter. Since we're three games into 2006, we'll save the roiling debate `til the offseason, but it's worth thinking about right now as we hear coaches complain about tough schedules. The fact is that the 2007 schedule sets Texas up to be a West Virginia of sorts: Okay, you're undefeated, but who did you beat?

I'm not advising you go elsewhere for your national picks, but just in case you do have an itch to find out who the rest of the experts are picking... this oughta be a good site for you.