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Texas 37 Iowa State 14 - Initial Thoughts

Just a few post-game thoughts here before we dive into positional analysis tomorrow.

*Overall, it was a solid game, but there's still plenty to work on. The best news is we played B-level football and still handled Iowa State relatively easily.

*Great game from Bobino and the linebackers; I thought they did a terrific job of keeping pressure on Meyer.

*That said, I was impressed with Meyer's ability to buy time, and more importantly, to deliver the ball down the field. He did a nice job trying to keep Iowa State in the game.

*Colt McCoy got the job done today, and he was good, but far from great. There's still no vertical passing game, and the time is running out to develop one. I'm sure we'll try a bit more next week against Sam Houston State, but it doesn't mean much when you're doing it against severely inferior teams.

*While we never got vertical with the passing, the wide receivers did do a very nice job of making plays off the underneath stuff. Limas Sweed is playing at an all-conference level; he impressed once again today.

*There's no word yet on the Robison or Selvin injuries; we'll update as soon as we know more. Losing either player would hurt Texas. As much as we love JC, the rushing attack is better with both of them playing. As for Robison, he's just a special talent; I couldn't tell what he actually hurt on his leg. The replay showed an Iowa State lineman leg-whip Robison as he fell down. Here's to hoping he's okay.

*The secondary gave up a lot of yardage today, though I think part of that was by design. Chizik had Texas play a lot of soft zone while applying pressure on Meyer with blitzes. Meyer and Iowa State handled it better than I expected, but Texas always managed to avoid giving up the big play. It was not the strategy I expected, but it was effective enough. Kudos to the Texas defense, also, for their rush defense, which was very solid.

That's all for now; we'll get into much more tomorrow.

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