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Iowa State: Final Thoughts

Texas didn't play a perfect game on Saturday, and folks are right to point out all the things that the team can improve upon. Still, I think we've got to keep this in the proper perspective. Texas came out and dominated this football game. I didn't think our offense was quite developed enough to put up more than 40 points in a game like this one, but save a few unfortunately timed mistakes, they should have easily scored 50.

Iowa State's not a world beating team, by any stretch, but they aren't a team that you're going to absolutely roll unless you're really good, either. Texas absolutely rolled the Cyclones.

It's easy to pick on Colt for the things he's not very good at yet, but the offense as a whole is still awfully good, and pretty damn effective, given the limitations. The success of this team over the rest of the season pretty much comes down to the rate of development for McCoy, and he's doing some things really well already. By all accounts he's a smart football player, and a lot of the areas of concern lie in things he can actually fix. You don't have to own a cannon to succeed in college football; you just need to be accurate. McCoy's an accurate thrower, but he's still developing as a passer. If you know what I mean.

Defensively, things are getting better each week. With Kelson and Kindle working their way back into game shape, the defensive line asserting itself as a real force, and a talented secondary that's showing signs of being a very good one, there's a lot to be excited about.

What you think of the coaching must also be filtered through the proper lens. We all know what we'd like to see on the field, but we have to try to remember that we're trying to 1) win games, while 2) developing players. It'd be nice to have a quarterback that can already do the things we want our quarterback to do in the vertical passing game. The fact is, that takes time - however talented you are. Young Matthew Stafford couldn't finish out a game against Colorado. Mitch Mustain isn't breaking any records at Arkansas. And, lest we forget, Vincent Paul Young, Junior was a real struggle to watch at times during his freshman campaign. Don't forget that at the end of Vince's sophomore season, a majority of folks thought his future in the NFL was at wide receiver.

The lesson to keep in mind is that these things take time. In the interim, you just hope that your coaches and players find ways to win. Against Ohio State, we didn't, and though there are things we could have done differently, and better, the game was closer than many of us felt right after the game ended. By season's end, I've no doubt this team will be a lot closer to going wire to wire with any team in the top five.

Saturday was a step in the right direction. It was a dominant win over a solid opponent. There were mistakes to work on, and that's a good thing for this team. There's plenty to improve, but there's already a great foundation to build up from. Texas gets one more week to scrimmage through their weaknesses, and then we rumble with the enemy. I'm feeling better about it each week.