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Iowa State Breakdown: Secondary

Secondary We conclude our positional breakdowns with a look at the secondary, which gave up about 300 yards through the air. As has been noted, though, a lot of those yards were by design. The `Horns were focused in hard on limiting Todd Blythe, never letting him beat them with a big play down the field. They continually bet on a strategy of blitzing and keeping the pass game in front of them, a strategy that led to some yards given up, but no big plays.

It was also interesting to see that Chizik and Akina bailed on the heretofore ineffective Brandon Foster and Ryan Palmer, opting for Deon Beasley in nickel coverage. In rewatching the game on tape, the young Beasley did a fine job in his first action. Good bye, redshirt. As bad as Palmer and Foster have been, this was the right move. Beasley's more ready than they ever will be. Let's get him out there. Equally important, if the `Horns suffer any more injuries, or God forbid suspensions, getting Beasley ready seems all the more prudent.

The secondary did produce two turnovers, and they executed the gameplan they were asked to pretty well. The safeties didn't do the best job in the zone coverages early on, but adjusted well in the second half. The group earns a B+.