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BON Top 25, Week 4

Last Saturday?s action brought a lot of change to the BON ballot; so much, in fact, that we were the fourth most active ballot in last week?s Blog Poll. This week, we may very well top the least active list. There?s very little movement in our board. First, the ballot, then some analysis:

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Auburn --
3 Southern Cal --
4 Michigan --
5 Florida --
6 West Virginia 1
7 Texas 2
8 Louisville 2
9 Georgia 1
10 Louisiana State --
11 TCU 3
12 Iowa 1
13 Virginia Tech 1
14 Oregon 1
15 Notre Dame 2
16 Tennessee --
17 Cal --
18 Clemson 4
19 Boise State 4
20 Rutgers 4
21 Oklahoma 4
22 Missouri 4
23 Georgia Tech 3
24 Nebraska 2
25 Purdue 1

119. John L. Smith
Dropped Out: Arizona State (#18), Boston College (#19), Alabama (#20), Michigan State (#21).

The Top 10 Nothing changed! Well, not much, anyway. Louisville and Georgia slip behind Texas; in Georgia?s case, for obvious reasons. As for Louisville, we?re nervous about the long-term implications of these mounting injuries. The backups are a capable bunch, but you can only hammer at a team?s depth for so long before there are consequences.

Everything else in the top ten remains about the same. We were again impressed with Michigan and the Wolverine defense. Lamarr Woodley is terrorizing right tackles this year. My goodness.

11-25 After a week of thought, we decided that we TCU deserved more love. Their absolute shut down of Texas Tech?s offense is something to be studied, no doubt, and worthy of some extra love in the balloting. Elsewhere, we say goodbye to the mystifying Boston College squad, the (still) no offense Crimson Tide, and the (still) no defense Sun Devils. A hearty welcome to Missouri, suddenly playing great football, and Calvin Johnson Georgia Tech!