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Numerically Speaking: Colt McCoy

Just a few fun Colt McCoy numbers, courtesy of the most excellent statistical database at CFB Stats.

*Among quarterbacks with a minimum of 75 pass attempts, McCoy is 9th in the nation in passing efficiency (164.03).

*Of Texas' first four opponents, McCoy has been the best quarterback that three of the four teams have faced, as measured by passing efficiency. Cincinnati's Dustin Grutza outperformed McCoy against Ohio State.

*Among quarterbacks with a minimum of 75 passes thrown, McCoy ranks 8th in the nation in completion percentage at 68.3%.

*Among quarterbacks with a minimum of 75 passes thrown, McCoy ranks 29th in the nation in yards per attempt (8.1).

We can't look at these stats in a vacuum, of course. McCoy shredded two lousy defenses, and one decent one. Still, there's not much more we could ask for from the youngster at this point. He's executing what he's been asked to up to this point, and it's worth noting how well he's performed overall.

Just a quick reminder as the conversation shifts to what he's not doing yet. And remember, he hasn't been asked to do more yet. The jury's still out, but the early performance has been very good thus far. As he becomes more and more comfortable, I think we'll see improvement in the vertical passing game. Major Applewhite learned to be a good vertical passer, and McCoy's got him beat in arm strength. So, patience Horns fans. Patience. The best is probably yet to come.