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Morning Coffee

Nothing official yet, but the early word on Robison and Selvin's injuries is mixed. Robison's injury is not serious and won't limit him much, if any. The injury to Selvin's ribs, though, is more worrisome. Horns fans should remember how rib injuries can linger - Chris Simms was hampered by them considerably in 2002. Redshirt freshman Roderick Muckelroy, meanwhile, had successful surgery on his finger and is out indefinitely. Scott Derry will move into the starting spot at weakside linebacker, which, in our view, is a bad thing. Time for Sergio Kindle to win that job.

Speaking of Simms, he's in serious but stable condition following surgery to remove his spleen. He suffered the injury in yesterday's 26-24 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Best wishes to Simms for a full recovery.

Jason Mayer wonders whether Horn fans are starting to "align themselves into McCoy and Snead camps." Frankly, Jason's the only one that I know of clamoring for more action from Snead. The Statesman's Cedric Golden writes that McCoy has the walk of a winner. For our part, we're very comfortable with McCoy for the rest of this season. There's plenty of time to reevaluate after the season, but there's no doubt in our minds who the best man for the job is right now. In the limited action Snead's seen, he's looked a long, long way from ready. Elsewhere, DMN columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor writes that Brown and Davis need to let McCoy throw the deep ball. If he can't, then he's not the right man behind center. Maybe Jason's not alone after all.

Texas checks in at #7 in both the AP and Coaches polls, comfortably behind Michigan at #6.

Speaking of Michigan and Texas, the two teams rank #1 and #2, respectively, in rushing defense this season. The Wolverines are allowing a paltry 18.5 yards per game on the ground; the Horns just a shade more at 24 ypg. Impressive.

Last, but not least, congratulations to The Other Andrew for winning the weekly pick `em contest. He'll join us later this week for some PTI and against the spread gambling.