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This week's edition of Ask BON focuses on Kid McCoy. We'd might as well take them head on for discussion.

As always, you can submit your own questions to BON by emailing the authors.

Hooked, Austin, TX Come on, guys. McCoy is not the answer for the next four years. Do you really think he can hold off Snead, let alone Brantley??

Burnt Orange Nation Hooked, this is a complaint we keep hearing, but it's a specious argument. Why? Because we're not commenting on anything beyond this year.

Let's set this straight, for the record. We're only talking about this year. For the 2006 football season, there's absolutely no doubt in our minds that Texas' BCS chances disappear without McCoy playing quarterback. Have you seen Snead play? As impressive as he is running the football, he's a full year away (at least) as a passer. He just guns the ball around, seemingly with little understanding for where it -should- go. That's fine - he's a freshman, and we're not knocking his future here. But for the here and now, there's no question that McCoy is infinitely more ready to be Texas' quarterback. Further, he's doing a good job. Not a great job, but a good job.

I'll tell you what. If you really want to see the Texas pass offense with Jevan Snead in there, just head to the local sports bar and watch one of this man's games. Or this man's.

Let's just drop the talk of Snead maybe being better for this team in 2006. It's just not true.

I will, however, entertain this thought: should Greg Davis consider implementing some Jevan packages into the regular offense? While I in no way advocate starting Jevan Snead, I could absolutely see Davis trotting Snead out there situationally, as a change of pace. Could there be an effective package where Snead comes in for 3-5 plays at a time, in the right field positions, to give the defense one more thing to plan for? Get Snead in there and run that zone read option? Red zone? Now -this- is worth talking about.

Greg H, El Paso, TX Will Texas be favorites in their remaining games?

Burnt Orange Nation Yes, Texas should be favored in each of their remaining games, barring a collapse of sorts. Here's the thing, and we'll tie this into the first question: if Texas isn't favored in one of their remaining games, it'll be because we lost a game or two along the way.

Now, let's assume that scenario. Texas loses to Oklahoma and drops the game at Nebraska. If the losses are each due to McCoy ineffectiveness, we can revisit the quarterback situation legitimately.

Until then, enjoy what the young kid's doing so far.