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Morning Coffee

I thought I was frustrated yesterday when I heard no fewer than three callers on local sports radio phone in to ask, ?How far can Colt really takes us?? And then I saw this. Freaking weirdos.

Interesting tidbits from Mack?s Monday press conference: Since 1999, Texas is third in the nation in sacks; Against Iowa State, the Horns had seven sacks and fifteen knockdowns; Melton and Ogbonnaya need to be prepped for more reps in case Selvin?s injury lingers.

The DMN?s Chip Brown profiles Limas Sweed.

Glancing through Joseph Duarte?s Houston Chronicle blog I saw a note that Texas currently ranks 89th in Division 1A in passing defense, allowing 210 yards per game. That?s a worrisome number, though the number is a touch misleading. Texas gave some air yardage to the Cyclones by design, and the Tarrell Brown suspension hurt pretty badly against Ohio State. Still, this is an area of concern; as good as the rush defense has been, there?s been room to move through the air.

Last but not least, Burnt Orange Nation is seeking an intern. We need some help from someone who can be around the site during the day more often than we can. Follow the link for details.