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Morning Coffee

As OU Hate Week kicks off early, it might also be time to start thinking about Dallas travel plans. The Austinist has some terrific advice. (Hat Tip: Mike. Don't go to tOSU. Really.)

If you care to stay above the fray this year, let me remind you of 54b's excellent rebuttal letter. More Longhorn ammo. As if you needed it.

Finally, don't forget to vote in the new poll on the right side of the page.

Shifting gears now, this is just funny.

Chip Brown reports that McCoy may be taking more snaps under center. The motivation appears to be a desire to improve the already good downhill running game. I'm not opposed.

We pause for a gratuitous Washington Redskins cheerleader shot...  And another.

Back to Texas, and a nice little interview with Frank Okam.

The Leach weather report is making its way around again. In case you missed it over the summer, check it out. Always good for a laugh.

And, last but not least, it really is OU Hate Week. Which means no mercy for the queen.

Two straight weeks of hating this thing. Pure hate.