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OU Hate Week, Now with 200% more Irony

One must never approach a bitter rivalry without a sense of humor.

OU is better than Texas because...

  1.  They're out in the middle of nowhere so the only distractions are Lexus dealerships, unlike Austin where kids are tempted by the "live music" and fornication with non-relatives.
  2.  Bob Stoops is half Mack Brown's age and his career is already winding down.  He does everything three times as fast.
  3.  Oregon is much better than Ohio State.
  4.  Having too many viable quarterbacks is a problem; they'll take their one half-effective quarterback over two good ones anyday.
  5.  Offensive variety is overrated.  Run it up the gut 50 times; that'll show 'em.

The Pac-10's top officiating crew has found indisputable video evidence that OU is better than Texas