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So you got a tank, big whoop wanna fight about it: a Sam Houston St. Preview

I know that we here at BON have taken the official stance that, yes, we are looking past Sam Houston State, but there is some kind of football related event going on at DKR, and it's not like PB didn't cover the other scrimmages this season.

So let's take a look, shall we?

What the box score will show:  Tons of rushing yards for Texas.  JC should have at least 80 probably over 100.  Hank the Tank can follow up a strong performance against Iowa St. by running through outmatched defenders at least half his size, but look for Chris Ogbannaya to have alot of carries and a great average in the second half once the game is in hand.

Very few rushing yards for Sam Houston.  Basically the key stats will look a lot like North Texas and Rice.

What those lucky enough to be at the game will see:  Lots of runs and short to intermediate passes by Texas.  If we're lucky we can see Colt test his arm on some long passes, but don't count on it.

The classiest thing for Mack to do:  For the whole fourth quarter have every offensive series consist of three kneel-downs and a punt.  Even continuous runs up the middle will make a score that seems pretty classless taken out of context.