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Comparing Texas and Oklahoma on offense

As you all might know the leading rusher goes to Oklahoma with Adrian Peterson with 643 yards, but what you might not know is that Texas leads Oklahoma in overall rushing 907 to 721, the largest part of Texas' rushing total being the combination of Charles (334), Young (243), and Melton (107), who, together combine for 684 yards.

In the passing game Oklahoma leads Texas 945 to 761, though they only have 8 more attempts and 1 less completion.  What this means?  Texas throws shorter passes.  Everyone knows that Stoops likes to lay it out there; this amounts to Oklahoma taking advantage of opportunities over the top created by Adrian Peterson and his ability to pull safeties towards him.  The Texas running backs have that same ability, but so far we have not utilized the over-the-top option.

A look at defensive statistics later on or tomorrow.

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