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Intern Welcome Thread

Our search for an intern ended almost as quickly as it began, as the ideal candidate for the job found us almost right away. Before we introduce you to the newest member of the BON team, we want to genuinely thank everyone who applied. We tried to get back to everyone, but I know we missed a couple, so if we didn't get a chance - thank you.

Also, and this is always true - BON accepts guest submissions at any time.  If you want something posted on the main page, please just email it to us for consideration.

Now, to the matter at hand. Today, please join me in welcoming Andrew Rist to the site!  He's been commenting on the site for some time now under the username `aorist9', and he'll continue to post under that handle.

Andrew is a native Austinite forced to follow the `Horns rabidly from afar at Harvard University. He's a graduate of St. Andrew's High School here in Austin, where I, and several of our readers, attended prep school. Jimmer, you'll be especially pleased to know that he's a Latin guru - he won the Armadillo Classical Society's "Scholar of the Year" award for three years in a row in high school. In short: he's whip smart, and writes exceptionally well.

Please take a moment and use this thread to give him a giant BON welcome. And then keep your eyes out for Andrew's very first post later today in which he'll be comparing the Big 12 to one of his favorite TV shows - South Park.

Andrew, congratulations, and welcome!

--PB and AW--