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Texas vs. Oklahoma matchup: most populous cities

There's still another week to look at matchups that "bear upon the football game," so let's look at something unrelated, but still fun.

I will pass over the fact that Texas as a whole is at least five times bigger than Oklahoma (see how I got to mention it anyway), but Oklahoma has to have some populous areas right?  Well, I took a look on Wikipedia and here's what I found.

The two most populous cities in Oklahoma are:
Oklahoma (531,324 31st nationally) and
Tulsa (382,457 46th)

There are six cities in Texas bigger than Oklahoma City and Tulsa, including three that are bigger than the two of them combined.  They are:
Houston (2,016,582 4th)
San Antonio (1,256,509 7th)
Dallas (1,213,825 9th)
Austin (690,252 16th)
Fort Worth (624,067 19th)
El Paso (598,590 21st)

Does anyone know what the next largest city in Oklahoma is?  Me neither, because Wikipedia only had the top 200.  Would you like to know how many other Texas cities are in the top 200?  Fifteen, they are:  Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Garland, Lubbock, Laredo, Irving, Amarillo, Brownsville, Grand Prairie, Pasadena (fun, unrelated fact:  Pasadena, California, the home of the Rose Bowl is actually smaller by 121 people than Pasadena, Texas), Mesquite, McAllen, Waco, and Carrollton.

So we got big cities, so what?

Well, annoying voice in my head, big cities are a place where people come together and exchange ideas, therefore they are centers of knowledge.  This explains why the average Texan has twice the IQ of the average Oklahoman (stat made up but probably true).

Also big cities give young men and women a chance to meet people of their own age from outside their immediately family.  This is probably why 50% of Oklahomans are inbred to Texas' 2% (both stats probably a little exaggerated)

Cities have dentists, thus while Texas is the Big XII state with the most teeth, Oklahoma has the least in the Big XII (real stat ht Orson)

I don't know 'bout y'all, but I cain't wait to meet our dumb, inbred, toothless neighbors to the north in Dallas in 8 days. --AR--