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Morning Coffee

Andrew touched on Saturday's non-game yesterday, correctly noting that we're completely looking past this game on the blog. Even our August preview made a mockery of this one. Still, as always, we offer our game prediction. We see lots of solid action for the backups, who do a better job of keeping the starters' momentum this week. Texas rolls, 62-3.

The Statesman profiles Derek Lokey, Texas' newest short yardage weapon. In his weekly meeting with the press, Greg Davis touches on Lokey's usage as well.

Finally, someone writes about this: Chip Brown on the nine Big 12 quarterbacks that are new starters this season. It's been amazing to watch regional sports writers sit around and say nothing about the situation, while national stories beat down the Big 12. Happy to see Chip be among the first to point out this critical fact.

I'm no Astros fan, but I hate Tony Larussa. This makes me endlessly happy.

If you've been anywhere near a college football blog in the last 24 hours, you've already seen this... but just in case you missed it, the sports radio meltdown of the century. Too funny.

Auburn went down to the wire with South Carolina last night. The Cocks should have forced overtime. Great game to watch.

Elsewhere, in Fort Worth, BYU stuns TCU. The Cougs played a near-perfect game, while TCU's defense gave up too much through the air.

Not sure which games to watch this Saturday? Except for the glaring omission of Tech-A&M, this should help.