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Upset Thursday?

Anyone who thought to themselves, "Thursday night football?  Eh f*** it.  You made a terrible decision, not a "shit the horns are down by two touchdowns; screw the rosebowl" bad decision or even an "eh, USC should be able to take Fresno State" decision, but nonetheless you should've watched.

Watched being a relative term because the first game of the double header was televised only on what ESPN calls Versus, which I can only assume is the mormon TV network.

First Game

BYU 31        TCU 17

In a game where TCU outgained BYU by 50 yards, the story was turnovers two for TCU, none for BYU.

Is TCU's BCS busting bid bedeviled or will a strong Texas Tech win and a weak conference keep them alive?  We'll find out more with the Tech v. A&M game this weekend.

Second Game

Auburn 24    South Carolina 17

In what ESPN commentators were calling "One of Auburn's toughest SEC road tests," South Carolina gave them everything they could handle.  Yes Auburn led the whole game, but South Carolina converted 3 of 4 fourth downs, in the fourth quarter to pull within a dropped pass of overtime.

Now let me tell you about one Syvelle Newton, Gamecock quarterback.  Casual observers heard of Syvelle Newton, converted wide receiver, who replaced Blake Mitchell after the latter's involvement in a barroom brawl, but the story commentators told was that Newton was set to replace Mitchell before the fight because of Mitchell's ineffectiveness against Georgia. Now this fellow is electrifying. He throws good, accurate passes and can run around defenders. Clearly, he's not the great Vince Young, nor will he (or anyone else be)- first off, he's too short, but he's got speed and elusiveness that can pick up that 3rd and 10 when your receivers can't get open.  If any of y'all get the chance I would suggest watching a part of a future 'Cocks game just to see this man.

For those of you who didn't see it, I'd say a prayer for you, but they're clinically proven not to work.