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Non-Criminal Football Musings

I don't want to think about the Tarrell Brown situation anymore, so I'll offer some random musings from the first weekend of college football.

*What the hell is ESPN on ABC? Are these not two distinct networks? I understand that both networks are owned by Disney but does ABC Sports not exist anymore? Monday Night Football is gone as are the BCS telecasts, save the Rose Bowl. They will lose the PGA Tour to the Golf Channel after this season. The NBA regular season is easy to overlook. I guess there is no need for a sports department at ABC any longer. Sad.

*Where are the names on the backs of OU's jerseys? I think Coach Franchione tried this a few years ago. It didn't work too well. Are the missing names supposed to make it more difficult for opposing defenses to identify Adrian Peterson? Unless Paul Thompson throws it better than he did against UAB not even the missing names are going to prevent eight in the box.

*Did anyone see Tommy Tuberville's fake punt call? Auburn had the lead 26-14 midway through the second quarter but were about to punt the ball back to Washington State. WSU had switched quarterbacks on the previous series and were starting to gain momentum. That was when Coach Tuberville decided to roll the dice. The Tigers ran a perfect fake punt on 4th and 14th from their own 16 yard line. It is one thing to fake a punt from your opponents' 45 yard line on fourth and a couple. It requires balls of a totally different size to call a fake punt inside your own red zone. Call of the weekend.  

*Forget the talk that USC will be down this year. I watched almost the entire USC/Arkansas contest on Saturday night. The Trojans were very impressive, especially John David Booty. Booty, starting his first game as QB after sitting out his first three years on campus, went 24/35 for 261 yards and 3 touchdowns. The defense, which VY torched, also came to play giving up just a single score before the game was well out of hand. Don't be surprised to see USC playing for another national title again this year.