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Brown, Gatewood OUT versus Ohio State

It's official.

There are lots of sides to this story, but the most important one is that Tarrell Brown made, at the least, a critical error in judgment, one worthy of a suspension. As much as I want him in the game on Saturday - and make no mistake about it, I really want him in - Mack Brown did the right thing.

As much as we've railed on Pete Carroll and others for excusing awful player behavior, we'd be hypocrites to change our war cry now. It was the right thing to do. Life ain't always perfectly fair, and sometimes you catch a bad break or two. It may be that Brown and Gatewood were just guilty of bad judgment - in fact, it appears that's all it was - but life has consequences. You run around at 2:30 with a loaded gun in your lap and dope in your car, there are consequences. Even when the dope ain't yours and the loaded gun is registered.

Tarrell Brown may be a great kid, all things considered. Technically guilty or not, the picture returns. This was pure: