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PB and I are both busy for most of today. More posting tonight about North Texas and of course on Ohio State.

How about a quick nickname contest? BON's old friend, Kirk Bohls, wrote a commentary this morning in the Statesman on the lack of a good nickname for Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. The name is more than a mouthful. Most fans I know still just say Memorial Stadium instead of the full name. Unfortunately, there are other Memorial Stadiums including a few in the Big 12.

We do need a nickname for the stadium. Think of the Big House, the Swamp, Death Valley, the Shoe, etc.

I heard a proposal for the "Concrete Jungle" this morning on the sports radio. BON readers can do better than that.


Update [2006-9-6 18:40:37 by awiggo]: Maybe we don't need a nickname. The best suggestions so far from the comments are to stick with DKR, or try Slaughter House, the Corral, or Waterloo. They are all good but I don't see them catching on anytime soon. It looks like this will take time.