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Morning Coffee

Here come the Buckeye faithful. Let's stay classy, Austin. Welcome them, beat their team, politely send them home.

As noted in the diaries, Brown and Gatewood passed their drug tests. It's worth repeating - they're only guilty of stupidity. It's a shame.

Kevin Blackstone weighs in on the Buckeye pregame chatter. I'm in agreement here. There are times to yap, and times to shut up. Prior to gameday... zip it. Troy Smith's talking a lot of smack for a man in his position. Is that really wise? I'm not so sure. Also of note: the hilarious MZone boys on Tressel's most recent lie.

John Lopez weighs in on Buckeye and Longhorn celebrities, while praising Mack for his decision to suspend Brown and Gatewood.

Mack Brown notes in his press conference that Texas will try to punt away from Ginn. This is one area we haven't touched on as much yet, but the punting game has the potential to be decisive Saturday. Let's not forget that Aaron Ross has had two fumbles on punt returns in his last two games. We can afford any gifts for the Buckeyes.

Required reading: Gene Chizik's press conference. As talented as the Buckeyes are on offense - and believe me, I'm not selling this group short - what Chizik does to prepare the 'Horns is key. The man hasn't lost in 29 straight games, and despite the fact that Southern Cal moved the ball really well on Texas, most teams would have given up 50+ points the way they were playing. Of particular note in Chizik's press conference: Tedd Ginn has developed his route running and ball catching, Antonio Pittman is an elite back, and the Buckeye offense has developed tremendously since the last meeting in Columbus.

ESPN College Gameday gates open at 7 a.m. Should we try to get a BON poster on TV? That might be fun.

As with the MSM polls, Ohio State and Texas are 1-2 in the Week 2 Blog Poll.

Horns fans - head over to the always entertaining RockyTopTalk for the latest Animated Race to the BCS. Joel is actively seeking ideas for what to use for the Longhorn logo, so if you've got some good ideas, register at the site and leave a suggestion in the comment section.

Last, but not least, stay tuned for information on this weekend's tailgate. We'll be in the same spot as last week, and tonight we'll post detailed instructions on how to find us. For those that missed out last week, you missed me with the Pom Squad, Joe and I with Limas Sweed, and pretty girls galore. Don't make the same mistake twice...

Hook 'Em!