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Tailgate Details, Horns Around the Globe, Photo Gallery

We're tailgating all day Saturday again this week, and as with last week, everyone is welcome - and encouraged - to stop by.

You can see the general location of our tailgate by viewing this map. If you need a visual reference, our two white tents, TV, and trucks will look like this:

Additionally, please note AW and PB's gameday attire: AW will be clad in a burnt orange BON t-shirt, just like the one you see here. Since there are so many burnt orange t-shirts on game day, I'll be wearing a white "I LOVE VY" t-shirt. The 'love' will actually be a burnt orange heart. If you see me in it, come introduce yourself. If you see AW, introduce yourself.  If you find the tailgate, come on up, introduce yourself.  It's a friendly bunch.

Also, there will be an abundance of: beer, food, high definition college football, and beautiful Texas ladies. We really do want you to come by and say hello, so those that missed out last week, make sure and come by this week.

One last note, and this is important: buy yourself a nice cigar before the game.  If Texas wins the game, meet at the BON tailgate spot 20 minutes after the contest ends for a victory cigar ceremony. If Texas loses, you can look for me sobbing somewhere. Check the nearest bridge.

If you have questions, email us and we'll guide you in and/or provide you with cell phone contact info.

Hope to see y'all there.

Horns fans watching the game across the nation and the globe can coordinate where they'll be in this thread. New York City Longhorn fans check this thread. Also, please, please - wherever you are - take lots of pictures. We're going to have an open photo gallery for everyone to post their pictures - be they from the tailgate, DKR, or anywhere in the world. Hat tip to Wells for this great idea.