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Morning Coffee

Deloss Dodds says a big pay raise for Mack Brown is "unlikely." Mack will get his automatic $100,000 annual raise, but an effort to bump his salary to more closely match, say, Nick Saban's salary, doesn't appar imminent. This is welcome news. Usually, when a coach sets a new salary standard, Deloss races to get Mack at or near the top. Not this time. Apparently, 'enough' is, for once, 'enough.'

RBR is trying to get to know Major Applewhite. Why? Both LSU and Alabama are flirting with the idea of hiring him as offensive coordinator. As RBR notes, Rice's overall offensive numbers don't blow you away. I'd note, though, that Rice's players are generally not athletic enough to march in Alabama's band. So, it's relative.

Personally? I'd like to see Major keep moving up the food chain so we can get a good look at what he's capable of. Odds of him coaching at Texas some day are 106%, so it'd be nice to know just how good a job he can do.

We're like an annoying couple, SMQ and I. Talking back and forth to one another like we're the only ones in the room. Shameless!

I set up a nice fat one for SMQ and he's hit it out of the park, as usual. Semantics wonks, head on over. Good stuff awaits.

Last, but not least, the CFB Blog Award nominations were rolled out yesterday, here and elsewhere.

*Part One
*Part Two
*Part Three
*Part Four
*Part Five

We are humbled to have been nominated for "Best Analysis," "Best Community," "Best Big 12 Blog," and "Best Blog, Overall." Whether we win any awards or not, being nominated is an honor. Frankly, the one I really want is best community - I don't think any site can rival the level of interaction and high discourse found here. Y'all rock.

On a related note, BON is, in the words of Joel, a republic. If you guys have any strong feelings about who should win these awards, please speak up in the comments. I'll cast BON's official ballot this weekend, and will take into consideration everyone's thoughts. Lots and lots of worthy nominees, of course, so it won't be easy.