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The 2006 Enemy Of The Nation Tournament

This. Will. Be. Fun.

Yes, it's time for the first ever BON Enemy of the Nation tournament, to be held annually each January. This year's inaugural field should be a good one, and this post will serve as the official nomination thread for the participants. I'll throw out some that immediately spring to mind; your job is to help me with folks I missed.

Shawn Bell: How can we not begin with the guy that got this all started? For newcomers, see here and here from the Baylor Open GameDay Thread.

Ryan Perrilloux: You might be wondering what Perriloux is doing in the 2006 tournament. Good question! Ryan's a special young man. And a standing member of this panel. Every year. Forever. Until he lands in federal prison.

Merril Hoge: Our intern's Vince vs. Hoge video has been viewed over 50,000 times at YouTube. That many people want to see how big a d-bag Hoge is.

Andre Ware/Gary Thorne: The duo turned an awful night (losing to Kansas State) into an epically tragic one. Their awfulness cannot be overstated.

Drew Tate: Another "Horns Down" bitch. Seriously, wtf? You're a senior. Act like you've completed a touchdown before.

Kellen Heard: Duh.

Eric Pederson: Author of tWorst Column. Ever. Defending - nay, glorifying - fellow Enemy Kellen Heard. Prick.

Now it's your turn. Fill out the field. Who'd I miss in this quick list?

Remember: No nominating Greg Davis!