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Big 12 Conference Record Predictions

The Horns are off to a 2-0 start in conference play with wins over Colorado and Missouri. Texas will be looking for their third straight Big 12 win this Saturday afternoon at home over Oklahoma.

A 3-0 record will be impressive but it is important to note that Colorado, Missouri, and Oklahoma are all destined for finishes in the bottom of the Big 12. How will we fare against the other potential conference winner?

Predict our overall conference record in the comments section as well as who we lose to.

As a reminder we play the schools in the South twice (once at home and once on the road) and the schools in the North just once.

Remaining Conference Schedule:
At Home: Oklahoma, Baylor, Kansas State, Iowa State, Ok. State, Texas Tech, & Texas A&M.

On the Road: @ Ok State, @ Nebraska, @ Texas Tech, @ Texas A&M, @ Baylor, @ Oklahoma, & @ Kansas.

This team looks really good right now, and I'm tempted to get overly optimistic. But I'll stick with my pre-season prediction of 12-4 and second in the conference. Losses come at Ok State, at Texas A&M, at Kansas, and one unknown.