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Horns vs. Sooners Open Gameday Thread

Thuggery visits Austin this afternoon.

The Sooners barely made it to Austin for the game as their team flight was one of the last planes allowed to leave Oklahoma City yesterday because of weather issues. I'm glad they made it and excited about kicking their ass.

ABC Regional Coverage 2:30 PM

Preview here.

Comments here.

Update [2007-1-13 17:53:19 by HornsFan]: Texas wins 80-69, though it wasn't anywhere near that close. The big story is the incredibly impressive offense we're seeing from Texas' starting five. That, and the huge dropoff from the starters to the reserves.

Durant led the starters with 28 points and 13 rebounds, while AJ Abrams had what I thought was his best overall game of the year. Abrams finished with 20 points, including five threes in seven attempts.

AW will have the postgame report up later today or tomorrow. Hook 'Em!