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Enemy Tournament First Round Matchup: Leinart vs. Hoge

Kellen Heard is busy slaughtering Ware/Thorne in our first opening round matchup, but I suspect that our second matchup will be far more competitive.

The crime of our two contestants? Disrespecting Vince Young. Simply put, there's no quicker way to become an enemy of the Burnt Orange Nation than disrespecting the VY. The question, for voters, is how to evaluate Leinart v. Hoge...

Leinart, we recall, repeatedly said that the "better team didn't win" after Texas beat the Trojans in the Rose Bowl, 41-38. What's most offensive is Leinart's refusal to back down from his "heat of the moment comments." In an interview right before the NFL Draft, Leinart -repeated- his comments, refusing to admit that it was wrong to say what he said after the game. Matt: you're a douchebag.

And then there's Merril... We've pounded Hoge so many times here that you hardly need me to recap his crimes against the Nation. If you need further reminder, rewatch AR's Vince vs Hoge video.

Matt Leinart vs Merril Hoge

Once again, special thanks to our intern for putting together this video montage.

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Who's the bigger enemy?

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    Matt Leinart
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  • 85%
    Merril Hoge
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