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Enemy Tournament First Round Matchup: Perrilloux vs. Sooner Mom

Merril Hoge and Kellen Heard are running away with their first round matchups, setting us up to move to the bottom half of the bracket, which we'll do now.

Let's start with Ryan Perrilloux, who's drawn himself a bitch of a first round opponent. I do mean that literally and figuratively. Perrilloux, of course, is a Permanent enemy of the nation for his antics during the 2003-04 recruiting year. Perrilloux committed to Texas, made a huge scene about his love for and commitment to the Longhorns, and then, on signing day, bailed on his commitment in a dramatic, "Look at me! Hahaha!" national television reversal, opting for LSU instead. Stunned Longhorn fans immediately wished nothing but the worst for Perrilloux. Appropriately, he's been buried on the LSU bench and is currently under federal investigation for counterfeiting.

While Perrilloux deserves to be a part of this tournament each and every year until he lands in federal prison, he's up against a true enemy of this nation: Sooner mom.

Sooner Mom, you may recall, showed up to this site after we posted this picture of her son:

Sooner Mom's first series of comments were harmless. Good old fashioned sh-t talking. As Horn fans smacked back, though, she (and other Sooner fans) dove way over the edge. A sampling of her comments (FYI, [sic] throughout):

i happen to know this kid he has a great life probaly one of the nices houses in america for your gay texas website to do somehting like that doesnt suprise me at all you dumg ingerant texas fans!!!!!!!!!!! BOOMER SOONER
Hey this kid and his whole large family of 14 were watching the game at the COTTON BOWL!!!! Maybe cause we are OU grads and have $$$. Jealous????
you must be gay, or get your info from the liberal media too.
We just don't see how a little kid crying about something unrelated is funnier than Stoops crying like a baby ABOUT THE LOSS. But obviously longhorn fans have no sensitivity. Except for gays, pediphiles and illegals. To each his own... literally.
I'm not a homaphobe or a racist, it's your wonderful fans who are posting disgusting things about my son on the internet. I'm a TEXAS mother who would rather be perceived as a racist, homophobe than a sadistic child tormenter.

Perhaps worst of all, she couldn't leave well enough alone and started sending threatening emails. I was kind enough to be cooperative and delete her account from this site, which turned out to be a mistake. I should have ignored her requests.

Despite my attempts to be civil (or, I suspect, because of them), Sooner Mom kept the shit talking coming through email. Another sampling:

So sorry to her about Bevo dying. Typical Austin liberal crap, though. Caring more about animals than children. Any trees died lately we can mourn, too. Well, it's been 'not' nice talking to you longhorns. But hey, it worked, you took it down! DON'T MAKE US TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND COME BACK! Don't want to keep you from visiting the children cancer wards for your daily chuckle. Maybe you could just bus the school children over to Bevo's funeral and watch them cry and laugh at them there. Whatever. Knock yourselves out.

After I told her that suing me would only make her my best friend, she finally quit. We haven't forgotten, though.

Ryan Perrilloux vs Sooner Mom

Once more, thanks to AR for putting a video together...

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