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CFB Blog Award Voting Ends Today

A quick note to remind bloggers that the 2006 College Football Blog Awards voting ends today. If you haven't cast your votes, best do so today.

We're flattered to be nominated for five awards this year, though we only voted for ourselves in one category: "Best Community." That award is about you guys, the readers, and we're more than happy to honor the best readership around.

Other than that, we felt uncomfortable voting for ourselves in any category in which we were nominated, especially when you consider the folks we were paired with.

Nonetheless, we remain flattered to be in the conversation at all.

CFB Award Nominee: Best Analysis

CFB Award Nominee: Best Community

CFB Award Nominee: Best Regular Feature

CFB Award Nominee: Best Big 12 Blog

CFB Award Nominee: Mythical National Champion

Congratulations to all the CFB Award nominees, and special thanks to those that took the time to nominate us for each of the above awards.

Last, but not least, special thanks to Joel at Rocky Top Talk for his tireless efforts in making this whole thing run as smoothly as it has. A ten gallon hat tip to you, sir.