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The Finals: Heard v. Pedersen

Burnt Orange Nation - you have spoken. The votes have been tallied, and we've got our finalists for the BON Enemies of the Nation Tournament.

Readers Billyzane and OBdoc commented that Kellen Heard and Eric Pedersen shouldn't be meeting in the finals, while readers oregonlonghorn and abtxutfan noted that Heard meeting Hoge in the semifinals was a "seeding error".

I appreciate both sentiments, but respectfully disagree. And judging by the voting throughout this thing, I think it's pretty clear that Heard and Pederson are the top two enemies of the Nation for 2006. My reasoning in placing them in opposite brackets was that, if my hunch was correct that these two asshats were the worst sinners of the bunch, we'd have ourselves the ultimate question to decide in the finals:

Namely, which is worse? A truly nasty, brutish late hit that injured the hell out of our star quarterback? Or a column from a bitch Aggie columnist glorifying the awful play?

I don't think there's any question that these two deserve their spots in the finals. But I do think it's a hell of an interesting question as to who committed the more unforgivable sin.

I've refrained from leading the audience in these posts by jumping in with my opinion, and I won't start now. It's up to you to decide: who, and which, is worse?

You're all urged to vote, of course, but as interesting a question as this is, I hope you'll also make your case in the comment section below. When the winner is announced on Monday, I'll make known my own thoughts on each and every one of these clowns.

Happy Voting!