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Morning Coffee

Texas completes a triple-overtime, game-of-the-season thriller and Kirk Bohls is writing a 2007 football preseason Top 25 column? Damn, only in Texas.

His list looks reasonable, now that we know who's going pro and who's staying, but we'll save that analysis for a later date. It's simply far too soon to be talking Top 25.

Speaking of that game, the Statesman missed it for their Wednesday edition, but have it covered in today's.

A couple quick recruiting notes via Rivals:

  • Lennon Creer -will- visit the 40 Acres this weekend. We've been speculating that the Tatum running back would be headed to SEC country, but the Horns are still in the mix.
  • There was some concern that John Chiles might have eligibility issues, but those have apparently been dealt with. Chiles is enrolled and ready to begin working out.
  • Tyrell Higgins, a Schertz Clemens defensive tackle, just picked up an offer from the Longhorns. This is one of the more odd stories I've seen this recruiting season, and worth keeping an eye on.
SMQ's "Stat Relevance Watch" turns to the Big 12. Somehow, I'm not surprised to see 3rd Down Efficiency at the top of his charts. That was, in the end, the difference in the Texas A&M game.