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Shut. Up.

In the wake of Boise State's dramatic victory over Oklahoma, all that the stupid pundits can talk about is "Cinderella" Boise State beating the "Mighty Oklahoma." Over and over and over, it's "David" taking out Goliath. Mark May has now said three times how Boise State "played above their heads" to, in the words of the studio host, "pull the greatest upset in the history of college bowls."

The only pundit making any sense at all is - of all people - Lou Holtz, who's simply reiterating that Boise is just a talented, well-prepared team.

And that's right. Boise whipped Oregon State, and four other bowl teams. They're a damn good team, and instead of talking about this Fiesta Bowl like it was some one-in-a-million event, we probably ought to be asking, "Should Boise State have an opportunity to play Ohio State?"