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Question Of The Day: Akina?

Apologies for the light posting - I'm scrambling to meet several non-Texas writing deadlines here as the new year gets under way.

But there's something on my mind, on which I'll write a full column later, that I'd like reader input on.

Should Duane Akina be hired as full time Defensive Coordinator?

Now, a few things to consider:

*Bear in mind that Chizik, our linebacker coach, left for Iowa State. He also brought along his graduate assistant Jeff Koonz and promoted him to LB coach at Iowa State. So that's both of our primary LB guys gone. If you do vote to retain Akina, bear in mind that Texas needs a new LB coach. I'd be interested to see a proposed list of LB coach candidates.

*You probably shouldn't judge Akina "just" on the Alamo Bowl. If you recall, my saying that the Alamo Bowl was a "tryout" was an explanation that if the defense got absolutely torched and Texas lost, the fan pressure for change would be too great for Mack to keep Akina.

*In reviewing Akina, you'd be wise to include his entire body of work - not just 2006. Football is a fluid sport with a LOT of variability - both in terms of the talent of the players and the performance of the players (week to week, and year to year).

*I think you can make a good case either way, but let's start hearing some proposals. I'll include the best comments and notes in the column.