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Other Saturday Big 12 Games

Kansas State (12-6, 2-2) @ Iowa State (11-7, 2-2) 12:45 PM ESPN Plus
The Wildcats have won two straight conference games without Bill Walker. ISU lost their last time out at Colorado. Ouch.

Baylor (11-6, 1-3) @ Oklahoma (10-6, 2-2) 3 PM ESPN Plus
Baylor is much better than they have been in recent years and almost won at KSU earlier this week. Neither team has a good shot at the NCAA tournament but a win would improve their NIT resumes.

#5 Kansas (16-2, 3-0) @ Texas Tech (13-5, 2-1) 3 PM ESPN
The Jayhawks haven't played well in their last two games. As conference favorites and national championship contenders, it's time to start playing up to their potential.

Colorado (5-9, 1-3) @ Nebraska (11-5, 0-2) 5 PM ESPN Plus

#14 Oklahoma State (16-2, 1-2) @ #8 Texas A&M (15-2, 3-0) 7 PM ESPN Plus
A&M looks for a signature win and their first win over a ranked opponent.

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