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Would the real Texas Womens' Basketball please stand up?

Despite one of the worst jobs of officiating I've ever seen in Big XII competition (think Columbia Missouri two years ago, where the refs did everything but eject VY for unsportsmanlike conduct in their attempt to hand the game to the Tigers), the #22 WBB team upset the #17 Aggies by almost 20 points this afternoon.  This, after losing to cellar-dwelling Iowa State on Thursday night in one of the ugliest games in Tiffany Jackson's storied career (3-of-19 shooting, nuff said).

  1. Texas scored more points (64) against the Aggies than any other team other than Rice and Washington, who both beat aTm in games in early December.
  2. Texas held the Aggies to their lowest point total total of the season (45) - a score only Kansas State matched, in their narrow victory over  aTm two weeks ago.
  3. The 19-point margin of victory was the largest in any of the four Aggy losses, and ties the largest Big XII margin in the three Texas wins (CU was the other).
  4. Texas won in spite of several phantom foul calls by this embarrassingly-bad team of officals - two on our leading defender, Erneshia Bailey, and three on our best blocker, Ashley Lindsey, on what were clearly clean blocks.
  5. In its past 5 games, Texas has lost to two teams it shouldn't have - Nebraska and Iowa State - and beaten two teams it probably shouldn't have - #10 Purdue and aTm.  Maddening inconsistency that must be resolved if Texas is to return to the post-season
  6.  Texas is now in a tie for 4th in the Big XII (3-2 record) with the Aggies, Tech, and Baylor, with the Bears coming to town on Wednesday.;_ylt=ApTBMDh8L5md5Dw1a0MVsJ9MvrYF?gid=200701210585&prov=ap

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