Recruiting Update

Tyrell Higgins (DT) switched his commitment from OSU to Texas this weekend.

Christian Scott finally made it in to visit this weekend, and appears to have had a good time, despite the weather.  I've thought all along he'd end up at OU, but there's still a decent chance the coaches convinced him to come to Austin.

McKnight was never expected this weekend, and his flirtation with Texas appears to be a one-night stand.  Seems to be down to LSU and USC - I think he'll stay home in cajun country.

Creer confirmed the fact that Texas made the right decision by putting him on a deadline last summer by no-showing on his official visit.  He's UT-bound but it's not the Burnt Orange, it's the Faux Orange on display in Knoxville.  There's just something about this guy, his behavior, comments and attitude that have rubbed me the wrong way all along, so I'm not the least bit disappointed.

The other remaining target, William Cole, has a full calendar, with official visits set for Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.  If he's gonna end up at Texas, it's going to have to be without an official.  Not likely.

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