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OU Recruit Switching To Horns?

Orangebloods is breaking a story that OU commit James Kirkendoll is headed to Austin for an official visit. Further, Kirkendoll has reportedly already received an offer from the Horns and - get this - is reopening his recruiting because, and I quote here, "I had heard some comments about Oklahoma possibly going on probation because of the Rhett Bomar situation and I decided that I needed to open things up again."

Seriously? I mean... really?! You couldn't make up a better story than that. Just, just... perfect! Kid's giving up on OU, and doing so because he thinks they may go on probation. It's Christmas in January!

Rivals rates the wide receiver as a four-star prospect, and the nation's #26 overall wide receiver prospect. Orangeblood editor Geoff Ketchum notes that he believes Kirkendoll is athletic enough to play on either side of the ball.

And, just in case this wasn't the best recruiting story of the season, we leave you with this money quote from the article:

When asked if he considered this news to serve as a confirmation that he's no longer committed to the Sooners, Kirkendoll replied, "Yes, I guess so. Texas is my favorite."

Yep. Christmas in January.

Update [2007-1-22 18:32:59 by HornsFan]: Wait, it gets better. (Which I didn't think possible.) Ketchum is also reporting that folks have whispered in his ear that Bob Stoops may just be on the short list of candidates to replace Bill Parcells. I haven't been this giddy in weeks.