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NFL Scouts, Mel Kiper, We Could Have Saved You Some Time

All that hoopla and hard work down in Mobile for the Senior Bowl has culminated in...


Gee, Mel. I'm pretty sure I could've told you that.

Listen to the quotes on Texas' four participants:

Michael Griffin - "Tough. Agressive. Tackles well. Can be shaky in coverage. (Round 2 or 3)"

Aaron Ross - "Tough. Instinctive. Great tackler in run support. (mid- to late-Round 1)"

Justin Blalock - "Smart. Battle tested. Versatile. A guard, but can play tackle. (Round 2)"

Tim Crowder - "Looks physical and athletic. Inconsistent. (late-Round 1 or early-Round 2)"

I'm sure the scouts had fun watching our Horns work out this week, but damn, I can't shake the feeling that they could've learned it all just from reading the BON postgame report cards. Doesn't it all sound so familiar?

Best of luck in the game to all Texas' talented participants.