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Go. To. The. Drum.

The Horns host Baylor on Saturday evening at the Erwin Center, providing you with another chance to see the guy that has ESPN's Andy Katz thinking "National Player of the Year."

Sadly, most of you won't go.

This es no bueno.

And come on, really - what else are you gonna do?  Go to a bar? Take in a movie? Stay at home and watch on TV? None of these are as good as going to the game, and I'll be glad to explain why.

Going To A Bar

Upside? You might score a hot girl.

Downside? $150 down the drain. A hangover the next day. Gonorrhea.

Going To A Movie

Upside? None.

Downside? This could lead to permanent brain damage. Permanent.

Staying Home To Watch On TV

Upside? Quality color commentary from announcers.

Downside? Okay, wait. It's all downside. 'Cause you know Craig Way will be three seconds ahead of the telecast. Sucker.

Going To The Drum

Upside? Kevin Durant. Live and in the flesh. After Saturday, there'll only be five opportunities left to see this man play in Austin, barring a miracle. (Yeah, I'll be in church Sunday mornin', asking for just that. Sure, God probably doesn't care, but it can't hurt to ask. Hey, we got Vince Young.)

Texas plays Baylor at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday at the Frank Erwin Special Events Center. I've tried begging you, I've tried laying out all the reasons why you should go, and why you shouldn't do something else... please - just show up.