Texas Bball Pulls Away in 2nd Half

Easy win for the Horns tonight, and easily a better performance than the Centenary game.  Sluggish start, and lots of missed shots in the first half, but Texas really came out firing in the second half to put UTA away, 84-52.

Yet another standout game for KD, with yet another 20 point game and yet another double-double.  He was named the Big 12 Rookie of the Week yet again last week (for the fourth time) - is there any doubt this guy won't be the Big XII Rookie of the Year, if not Player of the Year? _id=&change_well_id=2

Durant had a slow first half, and missed 5 of his first 7 shots I think.  He missed all 4 of his 3-pointers in the game, something that concerns me given his success from BTA in the early games.  But he still ended up with 20 points and 15 rebounds.  AJ also had a SOLID game, with 20 points and NO turnovers.  He was really aggressive going to the basket.  DJ added 14 points, but was limited in the first half with foul trouble.

Fan favorite Dexter the Molester had some valuable minutes, going 4 for 4 on his shots with one sweet spin move under the basket, and only 2 fouls for a change.

I'm sure AW and PB will have much more in-depth analysis, but the only other comments I had on the performances tonight were Winder - finally some decent minutes from him - and Atchley - nice swat among his 3 blocked shots tonite, but I keep waiting for him to replicate his LSU performance!  And Damion James?  Well, despite the 10 rebounds, I'm just not seeing it.  He ended up with as many fouls as he had points (4).  James is getting about the same minutes as Atchley, Hill, and Pittman, and I don't think any of us expected that when the season began. _id=&change_well_id=2

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