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Morning Coffee

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So much for home court advantage. Kansas torched Nebraska by 20 points in Lincoln last night to reassert itself as the class of the conference. They remain favorites to win the Big 12 regular season conference championship.

AW tipped off our week with a query about whether the Horns should be ranked, and had his questions answered on Monday, with Texas earning a #22 and #23 ranking in the AP and Coaches Polls, respectively. While these rankings are largely just window dressing, the rankings do, in fact, increase exposure to the team. Most MSM outlets focus the vast majority of their college hoops coverage on Top 25 teams. Texas would do wonders for its longevity in the rankings with a two-for-two week at Lubbock and versus Kansas State. Speaking of K-State next Saturday, about 3,000 tickets remain available.

One final note: Texas made its debut in the SBN Top 25, as hosted at A Sea Of Blue. Buenisimo!

I finally got around to reading the Richard Justice blog entry which inspired three BON diaries, and wound up even more confused than I was from reading the reactions alone. It's pretty difficult to tell whether Justice intends to incite readers, joke with readers, or simply assert his insanity. My gut feeling is that he's just being a jackass, to see what kind of reaction he can get. Whatever his motivations, it's safe to say the entry isn't married to reality. Time to move on.

The votes have been cast, the results have been tallied, and it's finally time to announce the winners of the first inaugural College Football Blog Awards. Award announcements begin tomorrow. Tune in here and at Rocky Top Talk for details.

Todd says? Alabama needs to schedule the Longhorns in football. The Crimson Tide have never defeated the Longhorns on the gridiron, and Todd wants revenga. (Read: an excuse to post pictures of Longhorn cheerleaders in chaps.)