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It's a Texas Holiday

That's right.  It's Rose Bowl Day.  This very day in 2006 of the common era.  The Texas Longhorns won the game of the century to take home it's first national title in a generation, beating the "best team ever" as reported by the fair and balanced sports commentators at the World Wide Leader in Sports.

And, not a small part of this day was one Vincent Paul Young, whose physical genius and refusal to lose created an attitude in the 2005 Longhorns that made a national championship all but inevitable.  Douglas Adams once wrote:

There is a game people like to play that goes "When would you most like to have lived and why?"...Personally I would like to have been around Bach.  But I have a real difficulty with the game, which is that living at any other period of history would have meant missing the Beatles, and I honestly don't think I can do that.

So it is with Vince for us.  Don't you think the 60s were pretty good for Texas football?  Three championships and all?  If I had to choose one or the other though, I'd take this hands down.  No Texas fan could knowingly pass on the wonder that is Vince Young.

The whole career of Vince Young will be and is spectacular, but January 4th, 2006 will always be that one special day, where a superhuman athlete put in a superhuman performance to lead a college team to victory over what can only be described as the "secret" professional football franchise in LA and two heisman winners, who were hardly worth comparing to him.