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Morning Coffee

Just got back to Austin after a long day of traveling, but unlike AW, I encountered no problems whatsoever. A slight delay at the beginning, but not enough to bump me from my connection in Houston. I'm pleased.

As is often the case, I agree with LD: the fuss about Nick Saban is overblown in the media. I do think, though, that the thought should be taken to its conclusion:

Piling on Nick Saban for "talking out both sides of his mouth" is a convenient way to put an ending to the ridiculousness that has been the media's coverage of this whole circus. Nick Saban publicly denying interest in the job until the gig is actually his is par for the course in these matters. The real absurdity lies with three parties not receiving enough (or any) media scorn: 1) Mal Moore, 2) crazy Bama fans (Nico excluded), and 3) the media's coverage of this whole affair. With all the ridiculousness surrounding how we got to the point of Nick Saban being purchased, the piling on by every media critic with an outlet is pathetic.

Not that we should be surprised.

This. Is. Stunning. I, for one, am proud of the big fella.

98 pounds in one year? That's ridiculous.  I'm already a HUGE Dexter Pittman fan. Huge.

Chip Brown notes that the Big 12 went 0-14 against ranked out of conference opponents this season. That's almost unfathomable - and not because I'm dellusional about Big 12 superiority. No: it's that going winless in 14 tries is a stunning improbability for this, or any, conference. There's so much variability in college football - it's mind-boggling that the Big 12 didn't at least stumble on top at least once.

This got mentioned in the comments somewhere, but ESPN Page 2 columnist Chuck Klosterman files a note on why he doesn't want a college football playoff. I really like Chuck Klosterman - guy's a phenomenal writer and a very, very interesting thinker - this just isn't one of his better pieces. It's extraordinarily porous.

As an example, Klosterman complains that, were a playoff implemented, "Somehow, these minor bowls would start to seem like the NIT tournament (which I never watch). If these games lack credibility as things currently stand, I can't imagine how they would feel to audiences if they essentially became exhibitions."

Chuck: what do you think they are now?

The Alamo Bowl is behind us, which means Mack's got to be thinking about a defensive coordinator, and soon. You have to wonder whether Akina's going to be the guy; the longer there's no announcement, the less sense it makes sense to name Akina in a week or two. It's either Akina now... or a search is under way. We'll see.

Last: two site notes that bring me great pleasure. First, as noted in this diary, BON is the #1 Google search result for "Merril Hoge is a douche." I just hope that in one of his more depressed, perverse moments, Merril himself takes a gander at that search string.

Second, BON is the #3 Google search result for "Texas cheerleaders." And my girlfriend always wondered why I was posting pictures of girls in chaps. See, hon? I was just growing the business.