Who to Root For?

I don't know who to root for in Monday's MNC game Florida or Ohio St. I want to root for Ohio State but i can't stand Jim Tressell and his bland bullshit and it also pissed me off how he screwed Mo Clarret. Tressell and his voting crap to irrates me. How he said he voted us numero uno but really didn't vote for us and then when he didn't vote at the end of the year. It also pissed me of how Ohio State stole a national championship in 2002 with one of the worst calls ever. That was hands down the luckiest team ever ever. Also Ohio St. beat Michigan which is my second favorite team and i felt Michigan should have one plus they also beat us on a fluke fumble. Billy Pittman doesn't fumble we win that game hands down.

Now about Florida the only reason that i won't root for them is they are a team that just gets lucky i hate teams that "find ways how to win". They should have lost to the "Ol' Ball Coach" God i love that guy and to Georgia as well. Then LSU gave the game away with a million turnovers. How that team not go undefeated i mean come on the talent they have. Is Les Miles that bad of a coach i really think he is one of the worst big game coaches out there. His team is due for a collapse every once in a while. Also i hate how SEC schools brag about how great their conference is. Urban Meyer what a loser he started complaining and lobbying before the season was over at least Mack had some class and waited until the season was over. Plus i don't like the guy and i hate his offense it is such a pussy offense. Florida they just luck and they beat my third favorite team FSU and then Urban Meyer's speech about style points which he included Kentucky, Vanderbilt and a washed up FSU team in his speech about difficulty of schedule what a joke. So who should i root for or should i root for a 3-0 game with a million turnovers and a million three and outs.

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