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Morning Coffee Hates OU

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Things definitely feel different today than they did at this time last week. Many of us felt that the weaknesses of this team were ripe to be taken advantage of, but the big scare for almost all of us was about the next week. OU week.

Here we are, and things have changed dramatically. The national implications of this game are reduced greatly by both teams' Saturday losses. And the loser of this game is, even more so than usual, pretty much out of the Big 12 race.

So if there is a happy ending to be had to this season's story, it's gotta start in Dallas. The week after will be too late.

That begs the question of: what can we do in five days? We'll talk about that this week.

The change people have been clamoring the loudest for is, of course, not a new one. No, that petition has been around since 2004. Davis isn't going anywhere during this year (or maybe any year), but I do urge everyone to take a few minutes to read through the signee comments.

I spent a half hour tonight combing through them, laughing hysterically. Some of my favorites:

596. He's the Worst Person in the World, Does he even watch other games on tv?

573 Throw the damn ball down the field. 5 yard passes all game long are you stupid or something. We are going to lose 4-5 games alone b/c of play calling. From a live long Longhorn fan. Please throw the ball down the damn field

556 no more delayed hand-offs

553 Greg is an uncreative slug who survives only on players talent. no game plan except qb sneaks from the 3 or closer.

552 Greg Davis does not know how to call plays that fit the situation on field. Vince Young did well because he didn't listen to Davis's plays and went to a no huddle offense where he chose the plays. As long as Greg Davis is here and Vince Young is not, Texas will not return to the national championship game. Our quarterbacks can only be so good with Davis "coaching" them.


437 trick plays aren't trick when they're run EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

You get the idea.... There's much, much more comedy gold.

In less funny news, I had the interesting experience of reading this article on Texas' $107 million athletics budget. You'd be amazed at where some of the money goes.

CBS' 60 Minutes sat down one-on-one with Vince Young this evening. No video to be found on YouTube yet, but you can read the transcript here. The Longhorns could desperately use some of that confidence right about now.

Briefly: I thought Kirk Bohls had a solid take on Texas' loss on Saturday... For an even more interesting take, dive in to SMQ's game notes response to which will require its own post. I think he hits on exactly the right issues... KSU blogger TB went to Austin for the game...

Last, but not least: it is, officially, OU Hate Week. Let 'er rip, have fun with it, and remember that there's still lots at stake. Try to stay sane and enjoy one of the best week's of the year. If we lose next Saturday, well... let's not worry about that just yet.

After all, it was just a year ago that we got to enjoy the infamous mother of death.