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Morning Coffee Wants You To Grow Up

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Tickets for the Legends Classic hoops tournament in Newark, NJ over Thanksgiving weekend are on sale now. Fans may purchase tickets by telephone at (201) 507-8900, or online at Ticket Master.

Those who have said they want to see Charles in more agony over his fumbling problems should read this article. JC's clearly distraught about the whole thing and notes that it's time for him to "grow up."

Again, while Charles' fumbles have been a costly problem this year, it's also a bit sad, as he's running as well or better than anyone in the conference. He's right though: time to grow up.

Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne has called a press conference today to discuss Coach Fran's "VIP Newsletter." Byrne posted on his website that the department had concluded its internal investigation and would be trying to answer as many questions as possible during Thursday's news conference.

Members of the press were offered an advance copy of Byrne's statement for $1,200.

Glancing at this week's CFB schedule is interesting. The top games on Saturday? LSU at Kentucky and Missouri at Oklahoma.

For the Tigers, the trip to Lexington is one of three remaining road games (along with trips to Bama and Ole Miss) and might present them with their most dangerous opponent for the remainder of the year. While Kentucky's defense continues to struggle, the Wildcats at least have enough offensive potency to challenge the Tigers' absurdly good defense. I'm not expecting the upset, but I'd love to see UK give 'em four quarters of hell.

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Meanwhile, Missouri has a chance to loudly assert itself as a national player this season if it can take down Oklahoma in Norman. I think they match up reasonably well with OU, and offensive fireworks in this one wouldn't surprise me. The key for Missouri will be a fast start; they'll be much better served if the Sooners are forced to pass to keep pace.

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Around The 40 Acres: The Texas women's soccer team is ranked #1 in the nation heading into this weekend's Lone Star Showdown at #5 Texas A&M. This marks the first time in school history that the team has been ranked #1 nationally.... Destiny Hooker is back, helping lead Texas volleyball to a 3-0 sweep of Baylor on Wednesday. The sophomore had 17 kills in moving Texas to 11-3 on the season (7-1 in Big 12 play).... The softball team knocked off Temple College 14-4. Next up is an appearance at the Spring Klein College Classic this weekend.... New Lady Horns hoops coach Gail Goestenkors will hold two open practices this month, on October 14 and 21 - both at 3:30 at the Erwin Center.