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Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Franchione Investigation Uncovers Three Violations

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Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne told reporters today that an internal investigation conducted by Texas A&M uncovered three potential violations related to Dennis Franchione's "VIP Newsletter."

(1) Franchione did not report to A&M income generated through his Web site or from the VIP Connection. The school said Franchione thought he did not have to report the income until he actually received the proceeds that exceeded expenses incurred for maintaining the Web site.

(2) The VIP Connection occasionally contained information about prospective student-athletes. The NCAA prohibits a school from commenting publicly on recruits until they sign letters of intent.

(3) The school suggested that Franchione violated Big 12 standards of sportsmanship.

Three strikes, you're out?

Maybe not. For now, Byrne says Franchione will be administered a "letter of admonishment" - whatever that means. One wonders exactly how an already cynical Aggie fanbase will welcome the findings of this investigation. Though Byrne appears to be sidestepping an in-season housecleaning, the odds of Fran surviving beyond this year appear increasingly slim.