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We're gonna try something a little bit new for the remainder of this season. Here's how it'll work:

In the comment section below, "adopt" a Longhorn football player for the rest of the season. It's first come, first serve, and once someone's snagged a player, he's off the table. Once you've got your player, add something in your signature that lets everyone know who your adopted player is. Don't care how you do it, just make sure we know who your guy is.

To change your signature:

  1. Click on "HornsFan's Page" in the top right corner box (obviously, it'll be your handle, not mine)
  1. Click on the "My Profile" link
  1. Fill in the siganture box. (e.g. Vince Young is my adopted child.) Feel free to be creative.

What are your duties? After each game, we'll have a thread open for you to report on the performance of your player. We want to know what your guy did well, as well as where he needs to improve. Please don't adopt a player you dislike and will never say anything nice about. Even the players who haven't performed very well this season have had their moments and need some love.

Overall, this should be a positive thing. It's hard to track the performance of every single player, and it's hard even to know when which players get in the game. There are a lot of players who don't see much action, or any at all, so if you adopt someone who doesn't have much playing to report on, scour the internet for items of interest on your player.

Also note: please don't adopt a player if you aren't going to be in a position to watch each of Texas' remaining games. If you're unsure, don't adopt a player and let someone who will see each game have the opportunity.

This is definitely an experiment, but I think we've got the right kind of community to make it work.

Ready.... go.

Update [2007-10-12 9:12:31 by HornsFan]: Please note that this is only for the remainder of this season. We'll re-adopt for next year, so don't feel shy about taking a senior.