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Open GameDay Thread: Texas at Iowa State

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After back-to-back losses this season and four straight conference losses, it's time to get the train back on track. Last place and winless in the Big 12 South is nowhere near where the Longhorns should reside. A win over the Cyclones and Gene Chizik can't come soon enough.

Some things to watch:

  1. How quickly do the Horns start? This is our first early morning kick of the season and the meterologists are calling for temperatures in the 50s, 10-15 mph winds, and the possibility of rain early.
  1. Who steps up to fill the void left by Limas Sweed?
  1. Can Brandon Foster and Ryan Palmer play bigger than their heights against the much taller Cyclone wideouts?
  1. And, as always, how much do we see the young guys (Chiles, McGee, Muck, Kindle, Norton, etc)?
Texas (4-2, 0-2) at Iowa State (1-5, 0-2)

11:30 AM CST

Fox Sports

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