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BCS Standings: Week 1 Release

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Fox will release the first BCS standings of the year during their NFL post-game show this afternoon.

The studio anchor has teased the rankings by saying that "we won't believe them." It's hard to say whether this is typical FOX sensationalism or if there are real surprises.

Ohio State and Boston College are one and two in both the USA Today and the Harris poll, but don't be surprised if South Florida is #2, behind Ohio State, in the BCS standings.

Texas is #18 in both polls used by the BCS and should fall in the 15-20 range of the first BCS standings.

Post your annoyance with the observations made by FOX NFL analysts or general observations of the standings here.

Update [2007-10-14 16:29:49 by awiggo]:

  1. Ohio State
  1. South Florida
  1. Boston College
  1. LSU
  1. OU

I hate FOX. That is exactly what was expected.

Update [2007-10-14 16:32:39 by awiggo]:

--Texas is #22 Official Standings

--The SEC is loved by the computers. LSU is the #2 ranked team followed by #3 South Carolina, and #4 Kentucky. Ohio State is acutally #5 (tied) with Arizona State according to the computers.

--OU is #5 in the standings but hated by the computers, only #11.

--No suprise here either: USC is #9 in both human polls but only #14 in the BCS because of their horrible computer rankings. The Trojans are #21 by the computers.